Temporary Recruitment, ongoing benefits


Fast turnaround… complex shift patterns… specific skill sets… seasonal variations… temporary recruitment presents unique challenges. Challenges which IQX is engineered to solve.

IQX had unmatched shift management capabilities. Whether it’s shifts with complex skill and compliance requirements, or 100 workers needed for a shift at short notice. Just add your client’s requirements, and IQX makes managing it a breeze.

But don’t take our word for it. Take a look here at how 4 Temporary Recruitment Businesses harnessed the advantages of IQX and transformed their growth potential.

5 Top Reasons why we’re your smarter partner:

  • 1Unmatched Shift Management
  • 2Seamless Integration
  • 3Powerful Candidate Match-making
  • 4Efficient & Effective Client Management
  • 5Powerful Marketing Drivers