Contract Recruitment, ongoing benefits


In the world of Contract, where the picture changes rapidly from one hour to the next, IQX lets you keep pace. IQX has a complete search capability for fast identification and matching of skill-sets and availability. IQX is a complete Contract management system built with years of experience and incorporating vital features, for example flexible end-date management functionality.

By accurately storing all vacancy and candidate records with complete search capability, IQX keeps the whole task in one place so you can handle more business and reduce your costs. In fact, where Contract is concerned, no system puts you more in control than IQX.

But don’t take our word for it. Take a look here at how 4 Contract Recruitment Businesses harnessed the advantages of IQX.

5 Top Reasons why we’re your smarter partner for Contract:

  • 1Fast search to instantly match candidates to vacancy
  • 2Efficient and fully integrated diary and contact management
  • 3Effective contractor communication builds loyalty
  • 4Tailored management reporting systems
  • 5Efficient billing & salary control