Temporary, Contract or Permanent … IQX flexes to fit

Whatever your recruiting task – from seasonal temporary vacancies to high-level permanent appointments – IQX has the flexibility and configurability to suit.

And the beauty of such an individually tailored system is that it grows with you. Adapts to your changing needs. Accelerates your success.


Customisation and Control

When your business is powered by IQX, you have extraordinary versatility at your fingertips. You decide which users see which information. You control which parts of the system they use. You design your own workflows, and decide skills and requirements, sector by sector. And you can split or combine different business units, while keeping a unified database for high level reporting.

What could be better to cement client relationships, and streamline your day-to-day operations?

Seamless Integration

IQX loves to integrate. With back office solutions. With existing software. With client systems. And with all communication channels. Even our scripting language is interface-friendly, allowing links to be built to your existing systems with the minimum of fuss.

When systems work together better, so do people. Information gets shared more easily (and tempers fray less easily). Productivity moves up a gear, and you’re not constantly investing in complementary systems. And when you need to expand, that’s easy too.

So, that’s the big picture.
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