Who we are

IQX Enterprise is the recruitment-focused brainchild of IQX Ltd. We’re an independent software development company, based in Scotland, with 16 years’ experience of creating systems for clients in the UK and abroad. Given that success in recruitment is all about an intimate knowledge of the people you’re dealing with, may we introduce ourselves?

Michael Scott – Founder and Development Director

The origins of our company lie back in Edinburgh University – that’s where I met my co-partners, Viola (now my wife) and Justin. I’d been developing software since 1984, and after a spell expanding those skills at other companies, decided to set up my own business partnership in 1992. Together, Viola and I built up our client base, offering software support and network support to a range of business sectors. In 1996, growth had reached such a pace that we were able to bring on board our talented and energetic friend Justin and IQX Ltd. was born. Since 2000, we’ve focussed on the recruitment sector via our IQX Enterprise software package, and today, I believe our understanding of the sector is second to none. Our continuing growth and contented clients would seem to support this. Away from IQX: I play the bagpipes. I live in a remote farmhouse. The two are entirely unconnected. bagpipes

Justin Willey – Managing Director

A computer-addict at school, my interest bubbled to the surface from the very start of my career. As a stockbroker for 5 years, I first got involved with specifying complex financial systems. I then joined Edinburgh Financial Publishing to launch a new product that relied on highly automated data collection, analysis and distribution, sourcing bespoke software to streamline our processes … and that’s where my business link with Michael began. I knew there was no-one to beat him for software development, so I commissioned those skills to solve a thorny multi-currency accounting task. From that point, we worked together on relational database projects for 5 years. In 1996, I joined IQX Limited as MD, and haven’t looked back. With Michael’s genius for coding, and Viola’s extraordinary enthusiasm of people and training, I reckon we’re true ‘Smart Partners’. Away from IQX: I campaign vehemently against rural school closures in Scotland, and with other campaigners, managed to get a major new Act passed by the Scottish Parliament. school

Viola Scott – Director, Training and support

Together, Michael, Justin and I have built IQX from its fledgling days, to today’s robust size – and now have 10 full-time staff to call on. Basically, I help clients configure their database, and train them how to use it, backed up by the superb skills of Justin and the development team. Working closely with the system administrator at the client end, I spend time – often up to a week – making sure the software is doing what people need it to do. I create training programmes for users, so they can either do the training themselves, or hand it over to others. And my team and I provide telephone support and remote assistance whenever it’s needed. Away from IQX: I am a keen dinghy racer. Travelling around Britain to sailing events keeps my horizons wide.



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