Simon Alderman – Opera Group

Simon Alderman, IT Director of Opera Group in Cheltenham, tells us why he chose IQX.


Finding IQX

Our previous software was from a “market leader” but it had limits that were holding us back and causing operational problems.

We researched quite widely – there are so many systems out there and it’s a big decision – in the end we were recommended to IQX by someone who spoke highly of it from a previous job.

Putting it to the test

The thing that really convinced us was that we kept asking question after question about capability.

Can it do this, can it do that? What about this, what about that?

What we liked was that nearly always the answer was “yes“ and if not it was, “we’ll think of a way” (which they always did).

A lot of our business is in high volume temp work and we have to be incredibly efficient and that’s a real strength of IQX – I’d say at its best it makes us look slick – I mean really do things professionally and well for our candidates and clients.

Multimultimulti tasking

We have the full package and have integrated the Accord accounts package. By working the way it works and integrating so well it’s quicker and easier to get answers and cheaper to run our business – and now (well all of the time really, but now especially) that’s vital for us.

Support is there for us and it’s quick. We don’t have to be logged in a support queue and wait for answers – invariably help is immediately available. IQX are right on it, they really care about helping us out and most of all they know how to sort the problem. It’s their own product, they created it, they know it inside out.

In this together

Our consultants feel supported and have the tools they need to do the job. We feel that the operations run smoothly so we can get on with the important stuff of building our relationships and our costs have reduced all thanks to what turned out to be a very good decision about which package to buy.

The Smarter Partner? I suppose I’m going to agree. IQX, the software and the attitude are all the same. Very flexible.

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