Tina Ablitt – Morgan Spencer

Tina Ablitt, Administration Manager for Morgan Spencer Recruitment Consultants, tells us why she genuinely loves IQX!


This goes back a long way

I’ve been working with IQX for a really long time now – seven, maybe eight years, first as the light version which was integrated with Hydra, our back office system. We got the full system about four years ago and I love it. I know it’s not that usual to say things like that in business but I do. I know it inside out and I love it.

I make changes all of the time, adapting parts of it as our needs change or legislation or the mix of our business, it’s incredibly flexible and so we can just change what we like and get going – no messing around.

There when we need them

We feel totally supported by IQX. I can pick up a phone and I’m straight through to someone who knows what they are talking about. Within a couple of clicks and they can be in my machine and now we’re both looking at the same issue together – it’s so much quicker than trying to explain the problem on the phone

Everything in one place

For permanent jobs the system is perfect for the way we like to do things. All of the data about a candidate is kept together in a really easy and searchable format. So if a consultant is away on holiday for example we can instantly check where a candidate is in the process and have a complete trail of candidates, clients and positions. We can add to shortlists, we can make appointments, we can track the complete history of a candidate or a position – it’s perfect.

We also have a customised interface so that candidates can enter their own information when they first meet us. It saves so much time and reduces the possibility of error – the candidates prefer it to writing the whole thing out or lots of small questions in the initial meeting and they find it really easy to do.

Did you tell? Did you sell?

One of the best bits is the ability to send mail-shots really easily. We are able to run a really targeted programme of regular client and candidate communications which we know works hard for us. They can be longer term selling pieces talking about our service or, because it’s so simple, they can be really short term and tactical. For example I’m sending one to remind Clients that we have many candidates who live in central London who can be available if they suffer a staff shortage during next weeks rail strikes. Ten clicks and it will have gone to hundreds and hundreds of clients and we’ll have a complete record of what we’ve sent where.


See what I mean? I really love it and I don’t mind you saying that on the web.

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