Margaret George – Morgan Spencer

Margaret George, Managing Director of Morgan Spencer, lists multiple reasons why she’d highly recommend IQX


Fast and Furious

Our market is the London market. Everything happens so quickly you have to be running all the time, finger on the trigger always ready to respond. The sheer pace of the market is what decides the winners and losers.

IQX is simple to use and fast. Very fast. Every consultant we’ve ever hired says the same. They all say it’s simpler and quicker than anything they’ve used before with other agencies.

We worked together to enable candidates to input their data directly into the system and that’s saved us so much in time and energy and made us a lot more efficient.

Because it works so well it means we get to get on with running and growing the business – just what we want to do.

Computer says yes!

“our suppliers are soooo inflexible”…“what you see is what you get” – I hear this so often from other recruiters who don’t use IQX and it really makes me smile.

IQX are all yes yes yes. Their attitude is where there’s a will there’s a way and with them there’s always a will.

I like them – as people – I like them. They’re personable and friendly and a pleasure to deal with.

Finger on the button

I’ll give you some examples.

I can arrange a series of interviews for next week. Here goes. Candidate short list. Select right ones for interview. System pulls all client name and addresses, job spec, a refresher briefing from us on interview technique and it even recognizes the postcode and advises on the nearest tube. Amazing. There you are. All done. All sent out to Client and Candidates. Candidates love it because all of the stuff is in one place and arrives really quickly. We love it because it’s efficient and clients get exactly what they want.

Another one?

A new client for us. For them proper CRB check management is vital. We have to add a search field to our system so we can provide a regular customised management report for them with CRB documentation disclosure numbers. How long did it take to sort out? An hour. One hour. How about that.

One more?

Client phones up worrying about candidates all making it to an interview day during a threatened train strike. She asks if I can check where they live and get back to her. Now I’m no techy but I said “no need” – I can tell you now – and I did. In one call we worked out that there wasn’t a problem, they all lived close enough. I even surprised myself in that one – it made Morgan Spencer look really on the ball.

For me, IQX come under my category “highly recommended”

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