Ruth Appleton – Barker Ross

Ruth Appleton, Operations Director of Barker Ross, Nottingham, discusses IQX


How did we find the needle in the haystack?

We looked at lots of competing systems before we bought IQX. Including our existing supplier, we saw five presentations and shortlisted two outfits. What swung it in the end was gut feel. We just felt that we could trust IQX. They were straightforward and knew what they were talking about. The people who spoke to us knew all about the software because they created it.

Not too big, not too small…

Scale is such an important consideration for us. We need the right balance of having enough resource to respond to our needs but still retain a personal touch and a good knowledge of our business. Our previous supplier was very large and far too bureaucratic. One little request for a tweak to the code was a three week delay and a £500 bill and we always felt like we were one of thousands in a queue.

A grown up relationship that suits both of us

We felt we had a proper business relationship from day one with IQX. Rather than just doing what we asked, they took the initiative and told us how they liked to work best and the way to get the most from the system. The advice was significant and included the staffing resource we put in at our end, but it was dead right and has made a massive difference.

Software at our speed

We’re constantly changing our requirements – I mean week to week sometimes – but they always stay with us and get the job done. We get the sense that lots of systems are “take it or leave it” and you’re expected to fit around the software. We couldn’t work like that with IQX. They’ve turned that thinking on its head – their approach is “what do you need the system to do and we’ll fit it around you”. I hear that all the time as a claim from software firms but IQX actually do it, they do it all the time and three years on they’re still doing it.

IQX really know the industry and the way it works – they “get” it and they get us and that’s really valuable.

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