Bob Walters – Adept Recruitment Ltd

Bob Walters, Finance Director at Adept Recruitment Ltd, talks about our “excellent system”


Keeping it simple

IQX is a cracking system – it really does everything we want it to. I like the way everything is all kept in one place – all nice and simple. I don’t have to keep jumping between systems, it’s all there and so much easier to work with.

Working together

The thing I most value is the way they listen to what we have to say. They are really open to ideas from us about changes and improvements and they know what they’re talking about when they respond. We find it really helpful because things change constantly – for example Temps Holiday Pay legislation – and we found with previous suppliers we were left with something inflexible and it caused real disruption.

IQX on the other hand listen to what we have to say. They give their point of view, we discuss the implications of what we’re asking for. If it can’t be done they’ll say, really clearly, why and we appreciate that. Normally thought it can be done and they do it when they say they are going to.

They came to see us before we bought the package and it was the same then – they kept all of their promises, they answered all of our questions and if they didn’t have an answer there and then they’d go away and come back not just with one answer but sometimes with alternatives. How often do you hear that nowadays?

Got your number

Support is terrific. There’s always someone there and they know what they are talking about. The commitment is fantastic – we had a data migration problem a while ago – not IQX’s fault at all but nevertheless really bad for us. They worked with us through the night so we could get everything back to normal; I like the way they try to resolve things there and then.

The permanent way

We like the way IQX can easily switch between temp and perm – the same system handles either with perfect ease so if roles or candidates change the system just deals with it.

We really like the way the system integrates with Outlook so the records are automatically updated. There are so many interactions between Candidates, Clients and Positions during any recruitment – even the simplest and quickest ones and we always know exactly where we are – more importantly, so does everyone else.

The integration of all of the candidates’ forms and the events during the process creates a perfect trail – so helpful to me when we’re reviewing our processes for the audit.

I’m happy to say that IQX is a big reason why we were able to achieve an ISO 9001 accreditation and it was the audit trail that made that possible.

It’s an excellent system. I reckon they should sell it harder.

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