Smarter Partners

Read what our smarter partners have been saying about IQX.

Bob Walters – Adept Recruitment Ltd

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Keeping it simple

IQX is a cracking system – it really does everything we want it to. I like the way everything is all kept in one place – all nice and simple. I don’t have to keep jumping between systems, it’s all there and so much easier to work with.

Working together

The thing I most value is the way they listen to what we have…read more

Ruth Appleton – Barker Ross

How did we find the needle in the haystack?

We looked at lots of competing systems before we bought IQX. Including our existing supplier, we saw five presentations and shortlisted two outfits. What swung it in the end was gut feel.

We just felt that we could trust IQX. They were straightforward and knew what they were talking about. The people who spoke to us knew all about the software because they created it. Read more

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Margaret George – Morgan Spencer

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Fast and Furious

Our market is the London market. Everything happens so quickly you have to be running all the time, finger on the trigger always ready to respond. The sheer pace of the market is what decides the winners and losers.

IQX is simple to use and fast. Very fast. Every consultant we’ve ever hired says the same. Read more

Tina Ablitt – Morgan Spencer

This goes back a long way

I’ve been working with IQX for a really long time now – seven, maybe eight years, first as the light version which was integrated with Hydra, our back office system. We got the full system about four years ago and I love it.

I know it’s not that usual to say things like that in business but I do. I know it inside out and I love it. Read more

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Simon Alderman – Opera Group

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Finding IQX

Our previous software was from a “market leader” but it had limits that were holding us back and causing operational problems.

We researched quite widely – there are so many systems out there and it’s a big decision – in the end we were recommended to IQX by someone who spoke highly of it from a previous job.Read more