Web based Working

Making it convenient for people to interact with your business, and you’ll see the results in your bottom line. IQX has developed IQXNet to do just that. IQXNet allows the full integration of your IQX system with your website, so clients and candidates alike have a direct and user-friendly online interface with your business.


Ultimate flexibility

IQXNet works your way. You can use our ‘out of the box’ website with your own styling. Or you can integrate your existing – or new – website, using IQXNet’s web services. You choose which facilities are available to which users, so you have full control at all times. IQX gives you that power.

Configuration changes you make within IQX are implemented immediately within IQXNet. While data, such as timesheets, entered in IQXNet is instantly available in your IQX system. And when things change and you want additional reports or new fields, it’s easy to extend IQXNet to suit.

Candidate Portal

Who needs hassle? Your candidates certainly don’t. IQXNet takes the hard work out of paperwork. Thanks to IQXNet, they can manage their contact details and skills data online. Viewing and applying for vacancies is simple, and they can confirm or reject shifts, submit timesheets and view their timesheet history in moments.

Now they can easily query pay or timesheets issued, as well as viewing their work diary and maintaining their availability for work. Candidates can also submit and manage documents, print contracts, request holiday pay, and (with Accord payroll) view payslips and statements of earnings.

It means that calls coming into branches with routine queries will be greatly lessened, as candidates now have the power to find their own answers.

Client Portal

Clients, too, welcome the freedom and flexibility of IQX Net. It allows them to maintain individual users and their rights and contact details. And it helps speedy placement, by enabling clients to enter and modify vacancies and shifts, as well as searching for candidates themselves – if you want that.

Tracking placements can be done online, as can entering, completing and authorizing timesheets. Managing blocked or queried timesheets is easy, and clients can view reports, downloads data exports and view invoices and statements at their convenience.

With IQXNet at their service, clients have a clear and immediate view of their recruiting status. And a stronger working relationship with you.

Agency Portal – for Neutral and Master vendor configurations

The benefits of instant online access are just as compelling for Neutral and Master vendor agencies. Of course, IQXNet simplifies the maintaining of individual users, and their rights and contacts details. But it also means the easy viewing and submitting of candidates for cascaded vacancies and shifts.

Entering and updating candidate details is quickly handled, while all aspects of timesheet management are streamlined, saving many man-hours of consultant time. The viewing and downloading of self-billing data is equally painless.

It adds up to swifter placements, more contented candidates, and smoother-running operations on which to build your agency’s growth.

Temporary Recruitment

Did you know IQX Enterprise solution can benefit your temporary recruitment business as well as your customers’?

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Contract Recruitment

IQX enterprise solutions improves the workflow allowing you to find and place your contract employees into workplaces faster.

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Permanent Recruitment

Our powerful solution not only allows you to streamline your business, but also to manage permanent employees with ease.

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