Time-saving Fulfillment

Your most precious commodity is time. The more consultants can save, the slicker your whole operation. IQX’s functionality puts every transaction in the fast lane.


Integrated and intuitive

Easy to navigate, and fully integrated with every stage of the recruitment process, IQX gives a complete overview of operational activities. You’ll see at a glance which clients are active, which shifts are unfilled, which skill sets are in demand. Even the most complex client shift-rostering patterns are easily handled. It’s simple, speedy, and equips you with an unrivalled window on your marketplace. So you can fill more places, more accurately, in less time.

Dedicated to detail

Details count – and your business is judged on getting them right. IQX gives you an armoury of ways to be fault-free. Automatically, a candidate’s information is matched with your client’s contractual needs. At a stroke, recorded hours can be reconciled with requested hours. (And client reporting requirements are fulfilled directly from the system – no need for human intervention). Appropriate pay and charge rates can be calculated instantaneously, even for complex contracts. And all the while, every document, communication and action can be logged. Giving a full progress history and audit trail. It’s precisely the ammunition you need for staff development, and boosting productivity.

Temporary Recruitment

Did you know IQX Enterprise solution can benefit your temporary recruitment business as well as your customers’?

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Contract Recruitment

IQX enterprise solutions improves the workflow allowing you to find and place your contract employees into workplaces faster.

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Permanent Recruitment

Our powerful solution not only allows you to streamline your business, but also to manage permanent employees with ease.

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