Running your Business Smarter

Harness IQX, and suddenly you have unprecedented insight into the way your own business runs. You’ll get a depth of management information that allows you to track performance of individual branches and consultants, as well as the impact of specific marketing campaigns. And critically, you’ll have the reassurance of a secure environment where data is protected by your own user-rights.


You’re in control

Every business has unique requirements, when it comes to capturing and using information. IQX tailors perfectly to yours. Putting you in total control of your records and reports, and how you extract maximum value from them. You choose the fields. You select the functions. Complete visibility and control comes as standard.

If you wish, reporting can be fully automated, so that instant dispatch to clients as pdf, data or both, can take place without user intervention. Reports on outbound calls, fill rates and margins achieved can be created at a keystroke. Helping focus your marketing effort, and increasing ROI.

Fits round you

Whatever your existing systems, IQX adapts to fit. Integrating seamlessly with standard industry packages, or current in-house solutions, IQX settles easily into your world, then grows as you grow. You can add additional bespoke functionality as your business evolves. And you can power up with regular IQX upgrades. It even integrates with your telephone system, taking efficiency to new peaks. In fact, the more you make it yours and develop its capabilities with us, the more it becomes a unique competitive tool.

Inbuilt checking

Safety-nets and double-checks … IQX is programmed for peace of mind. Business rules can be automatically enforced, so candidates won’t be placed with clients who have exceeded their credit limits. Regular warnings can be issued of upcoming compliance issues, helping prevent non-compliant candidates being put forward. And validation tools ensure data accuracy. Thanks to double-checked spelling, postcodes, sort codes, account details, and NI numbers, you can say goodbye to the frustration of rejected invoices and payment delays. There’s even a biometric time and attendance option, matching booked shifts with recorded attendance. Great news for reducing consultants’ workload, fraud and compliance risk.

Temporary Recruitment

Did you know IQX Enterprise solution can benefit your temporary recruitment business as well as your customers’?

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Contract Recruitment

IQX enterprise solutions improves the workflow allowing you to find and place your contract employees into workplaces faster.

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Permanent Recruitment

Our powerful solution not only allows you to streamline your business, but also to manage permanent employees with ease.

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