Intelligent Matchmaking

Brilliantly simple, brilliantly quick. That’s the automated data matching you get with IQX. Freeing up your consultant’s time to fill more vacancies. Creating better matches, contented clients, and candidates with a real sense of job satisfaction.


Flexible criteria

Candidates can be evaluated according to suitability, availability, compliance and preferences, so you get the optimum fit of person with job. Better still, you can adjust the criteria to your own specifications, honing the search still further. Finally, IQX’s unique grading system refines the selection, so your choice of candidate is even more straightforward. It’s a single, high-speed process, guaranteed to pinpoint the best contender for the vacancy.

Red Tape Untangled

There’s a blizzard of official paperwork behind many placements. IQX works to take the hassle away. So confirmation forms, references, CRB checks, permissions and terms of business can be speedily transmitted and stored. Clients get full visibility, fast. And obstacles to a candidate starting work are swept away.

Full Recording

Now consultants needn’t waste valuable man-hours hunting for past records of a job. IQX has it sorted. All communications and actions can be automatically logged, so there’s a full progress history at the ready.

It means greater productivity for your business, and speedier feedback for both clients and candidates. And even after a job has been filled, the system’s inbuilt prompts and reminders ensure the service doesn’t stop there.

Temporary Recruitment

Did you know IQX Enterprise solution can benefit your temporary recruitment business as well as your customers’?

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Contract Recruitment

IQX enterprise solutions improves the workflow allowing you to find and place your contract employees into workplaces faster.

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Permanent Recruitment

Our powerful solution not only allows you to streamline your business, but also to manage permanent employees with ease.

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