The IQX Enterprise Software

Effective Client Management

Staying close to your client is the key to a successful long-term relationship. IQX makes it a reality.

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Efficient Candidate Management

In a people business like recruitment, keeping track of your candidates is central to success. And it means you can provide your workforce with superb levels of service. Service which means they’ll want to stay on your books…

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Intelligent Match Making

Brilliantly simple, brilliantly quick. That’s the automated data matching you get with IQX. Freeing up your consultant’s time to fill more vacancies. Creating better matches, contented clients, and candidates with a real sense of job satisfaction.

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Time Saving Fulfilment

Your most precious commodity is time. The more consultants can save, the slicker your whole operation. IQX’s functionality puts every transaction in the fast lane.

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Running Your Business Smarter

Harness IQX, and suddenly you have unprecedented insight into the way your own business runs. You’ll get a depth of management information that allows you to track performance of individual branches and consultants, as well as the impact of specific marketing campaigns. And critically, you’ll have the reassurance of a secure environment where data is protected by your own user-rights.

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Seamless Pay and Bill

The litmus test of a well-run business is invoicing and payment. Clients and candidates alike are powerfully influenced by performance here, at the sharp end of the process. And IQX ensures yours operates like clockwork.

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Fuelling Your Marketing Drive

In these challenging market conditions, every recruiter’s chasing your clients, your candidates. How do you stand out from the crowd – and not just maintain marketshare, but grow it? IQX equips you to succeed.

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Web based Working

Making it convenient for people to interact with your business, and you’ll see the results in your bottom line. IQX has developed IQX Net to do just that. IQX Net allows the full integration of your IQX system with your website, so clients and candidates alike have a direct and user-friendly online interface with your business.

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Temporary Recruitment

Did you know IQX Enterprise solution can benefit your temporary recruitment business as well as your customers’?

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Contract Recruitment

IQX enterprise solutions improves the workflow allowing you to find and place your contract employees into workplaces faster.

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Permanent Recruitment

Our powerful solution not only allows you to streamline your business, but also to manage permanent employees with ease.

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